Sooooo Sleepy

My intentions were to update this blog more often than I already have but (surprise!) I’ve felt too tired to do so.

I’ll go ahead and type a short version of last week for me.

On Monday, I started taking Adderrall during the day (to keep me awake and focused) and Ambian at night (to help me stay asleep). I felt that neither one of them was working very well. I still felt tired during the day and like I didn’t sleep much when I woke up the next morning. Looking back, I realize that the Adderrall helped me far more than I thought. I suppose I forgot how tired I typically am during the school day, but I’m getting ahead of myself! 

The reason I realize it helped me more than I thought is because on Thursday, I was informed by my mom that it interacted with the medication I was already taking and then I later learned that it interfered with my Long QT Syndrome (If you don’t know what this is, click here). This may have been potentially deadly for me, so needless to say, I am less than happy with the doctor who prescribed the Adderrall to me.

The last day I took the Addrrall was last Thursday, and I have come to see that I need it. Or at least I need something like it. All I want to do is sleep. I wake up tired and stay tired. Yesterday, I took a 2 hour nap between classes and then a 3 1/2 hour nap at 7pm. Last night, I slept over 12 hours, and want to go back to bed now, even though it is only 8:15pm. Looking back, this is normal for me, but it keeps me from functioning like the average person.

So, here I sit, upset and angry, but trying my best to be as positive as I can, no matter how hard it is.  

I’ve had several people come up to me and say “I read your blog! I know how you feel.. I’m tired all the time, too!” It’s hard for me to respond to people because it’s hard for me to help them understand how “tired” I am. According to the information my sleep doctor gave me, “Being sleepy is part of everyone’s life, so the unimpaired person feels that he can relate to narcoleptic sleepiness. This is doubtful. It has been suggested that, if a normal person stayed awake for three days and nights, and then attempted to solve a complicated problem, the experience would be similar to what a person with narcolepsy lives with daily.”

I’ll end with that so that everyone who is reading this can possibly try to understand what I mean when I say sleepy/tired.



2 thoughts on “Sooooo Sleepy

  1. Scary about the meds! Do you use one pharmacy for all of your scripts? It might be a good idea to ask the pharmacist about interactions when you’re prescribed something new. I know how you feel when people think they know the meaning of “sleepy.”. Everyone does get sleepy, but not narcolepsy-sleepy. The difference is that they have a choice on whether or not to nap. We often don’t. And for us, it’s a daily thing. We don’t have the option of simply sleeping in on Saturdays….

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Unfortunately since I go to school in a different state, I just recently switched pharmacists. But now it should just be one! You’re so right.. With such a busy schedule, taking a nap isn’t very easy, but I try to work them in as much as possible!

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